Wavefront-Guided LASIK Procedure

Wavefront-guided LASIK measures the corneal surface to deliver a higher degree of precision than traditional LASIK. Dr. Michael Mazaheri offers this advanced eye surgery technique at his Dallas, TX, practice. Dr. Mazaheri invites you to learn more about the Wavefront-guided LASIK procedure and how his no-cut approach can help you achieve 20/20 vision or better.

How Does Wavefront-Guided LASIK Work?

Wavefront LASIK uses an advanced tool called an aberrometer to map your corneal surface. The computer-guided process can correct your vision in increments of .01 diopters, compared to the .25 diopter increments used in traditional LASIK. Wavefront measures cross-sections of light as they travel through the eye. By measuring any resulting distortions, vision errors can be precisely recorded. The resulting data is used to guide the LASIK procedure. This higher degree of precision leads to better outcomes. It can also lower the risk of resulting starbursts, halos, and impaired night vision.

wavefront vs traditional lasik
Wavefront LASIK is 25 times more precise than traditional LASIK.

Before Surgery

Before your surgery, eat a light meal and do not wear any makeup. Local anesthesia (in the form of eye drops) will be used to ensure that your procedure is pain-free. 

During Surgery

Using data collected using our Wavefront technology, a special laser will reshape the surface of your eye according to predetermined guidelines. The process usually takes around 15 minutes per eye. You should plan to have someone drive you home after surgery.

Dr. Mazaheri uses a flapless (no-cut) technique when performing LASIK surgery at his Dallas clinic. While traditional LASIK involves creating a small tissue flap on the surface of your eye to reach the center layer of the cornea (stroma), Dr. Mazaheri instead uses a technique akin to PRK (photorefractive keratectomy). It involves using a brush-like tool to completely remove the epithelium (outer layer of the cornea). This approach results in a somewhat longer recovery period, but it reduces the already low risk of complications associated with LASIK and makes treatment available to more patients, including those with thin corneas.

Most patients are able to return to work within a week of surgery, although it can take as long as six months for your vision to completely stabilize. 

After Surgery

Following your procedure, a special lens will be placed over the cornea to help it heal. You may experience mild discomfort or irritation that should subside within a few days of your surgery. Most patients are able to return to work within a week of surgery, although it can take as long as six months for your vision to completely stabilize. Dr. Mazaheri may prescribe medications to ensure that you are comfortable throughout the recovery process. 

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Dr. Mazaheri uses Wavefront technology because the advanced imaging device can provide better results for many patients. If you have concerns about the affordability of this procedure, our office accepts CareCredit® financing and offers no-interest in-house financing. To schedule your consultation, contact our Dallas office online or call (972) 808-5261. During your consultation, Dr. Mazaheri will conduct a detailed analysis to determine if this or another refractive surgery procedure is the best way to help you achieve freedom from corrective eyewear.


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