Flapless LASIK Involves a Reduced Risk of Complications

If you want to achieve freedom from contacts or glasses but are nervous about undergoing laser eye surgery, you are not alone. We understand that when it comes to your vision, you want the safest, most comfortable care possible. 

That is why Dr. Michael Mazaheri invites you to learn more about the benefits of flapless LASIK. He uses this approach exclusively at his surgery center in Dallas, TX. Dr. Mazaheri uses a technique he developed himself, which has helped many patients achieve predictable, life-changing improvements in their vision. 

Under our care, you can take comfort in knowing we use safe, precise techniques.

Traditional LASIK versus Bladeless LASIK

During a traditional LASIK procedure, the surgeon will make a tissue flap in the outermost corneal layer (epithelium) with a blade called a microkeratome. This flap is lifted up to allow your surgeon to access the inner layer of your cornea (stroma), which is corrected with the laser. 

During a no-cut technique at our practice, Dr. Mazaheri will use a tiny brush to remove a very conservative amount of tissue. There are no incisions or blades required. 

Increased Safety 

Serious complications occur in less than one percent of LASIK surgeries. The American Academy of Ophthalmology also reports that the most common intraoperative complication is microkeratome-related. These complications include: 

  • Buckling of the cornea 
  • Short or irregular flaps caused by microkeratome malfunction or inadequate suction from the ring that is placed around your eye 
  • Corneal perforation, tears, or holes 
  • Flap dislocation
  • Corneal wrinkling 
  • Epithelial ingrowth 

We feel that avoiding corneal flaps altogether is a better approach. Although the recovery period following flapless LASIK is slightly longer than that of traditional LASIK, the benefits of this procedure far outweigh the added time.

The M Lasik Center is the only laser eye center in the country to exclusively perform flapless LASIK surgery. 

By eliminating the risk of flap-related complications during and after surgery, flapless LASIK gives us more predictable outcomes. This technique also reduces the risk of developing dry eye, one of the most common LASIK side effects

Wider Candidacy 

Patients with thin corneas are normally disqualified from receiving LASIK because their corneas are not thick enough to accommodate a flap. However, flapless LASIK allows patients with thin corneas to undergo this life-changing treatment and finally achieve greater freedom from glasses or contact lenses. Because there is no risk of flap dislocation, this can also be an optimal treatment option for law enforcement professionals, athletes, and others in physically demanding occupations. 

We Stand by Flapless LASIK 

The M Lasik Center is the only laser eye center in the country to exclusively perform flapless surgery exclusively. Dr. Mazaheri also teaches other surgeons how to implement this technique at their practice. 

Call Us Today 

If you have any questions about the benefits of flapless LASIK, we are happy to provide in-depth answers during your free one-on-one consultation at the M Lasik Center. We believe that every patient should have access to the benefits of this procedure, so we offer CareCredit® and no-interest in-house financing to help you budget for your treatment. To schedule your free consultation, call us at (972) 802-5261 or request a consultation online


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Dr. Mazaheri did such an outstanding laser surgery on my eyes that I referred four other members of my family. We are all extremely happy with our results.

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