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eye surgeryAt the M Lasik Center, we specialize in taking care of your eyes. Trained in general ophthalmology as well as PRK and LASIK, Dr. Michael Mazaheri offers a comprehensive range of medical and surgical eye care services for patients in the Dallas, TX, area. His advanced training and experience with laser eye surgery has helped him to pioneer no-cut LASIK to reduce complications and improve your vision. He also provides general ophthalmology services, including vision exams, glasses, and much more. Dr. Mazaheri is so well-respected that many other surgeons refer patients to our office for treatment. 

Flapless, No-Cut LASIK

Over several decades, Dr. Mazaheri worked to fine-tune an advanced version of LASIK, which he named Flapless LASIK. Combining the techniques of PRK with surface ablation, Dr. Mazaheri can enhance your vision quickly and safely. Unlike traditional LASIK and PRK, this procedure does not involve corneal incisions, reducing the complications associated with other techniques.

High Definition Custom LASIK

Using advanced Wavefront™ technology, Dr. Mazaheri can correct your vision with an unprecedented level of precision and accuracy. The Wavefront™ system creates a map of your eye to guide Dr. Mazaheri during the procedure. We can use this system to measure your refractive errors, creating a “fingerprint” of your vision prior to surgery. Your Wavefront™ results are unique to you and can be inputted into the laser to ensure precise results. Most patients report 20/20 vision or better after a high definition LASIK treatment at our office. 


Commonly known as eyelid surgery, a blepharoplasty removes excess fat and skin to provide a younger, more alert expression. Often, as we age, eyelids start to sag, creating a tired, puffy appearance. During this short outpatient procedure, you can remove barriers to your vision and rejuvenate your facial features.

Dr. Mazaheri has the advanced skills and training to improve your vision safely and effectively. 

Glaucoma Treatment

Left untreated, glaucoma can have serious consequences, leading to vision loss or even blindness. Dr. Mazaheri offers several treatment plans to halt the progress of glaucoma and protect your vision. Eye drops are a common, non-invasive option for glaucoma. However, you may need a procedure to drain fluid from your eyes. When traditional treatment options cannot reduce pressure on the eyes, Dr. Mazaheri can place glaucoma implant to prevent damage to your optic nerve. 


Designed to reduce your need for prescription glasses, Crystalens is a brand of intraocular lenses (IOLs). These lenses are placed over your cornea for patients with cataracts or age-related farsightedness, also known as presbyopia. The majority of patients who receive Crystalens implantable lenses achieve 20/20 vision or better, reducing or eliminating their need for glasses. Dr. Mazaheri can assess your vision and determine whether an IOL or flapless LASIK is more appropriate for your needs

ReSTOR® Lenses

Often, after cataract surgery, patients notice a change in their ability to see up close. The procedure to remove the cataracts restores the ability to see at a distance, but does not address common age-related farsightedness. ReSTOR lenses can reduce your need to use glasses or contact lenses after cataract removal. 

ReSTOR lens

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At the M Lasik Center, we are proud to offer the highest quality services using the most advanced techniques and tools available. Dr. Mazaheri has the advanced skills and training to improve your vision safely and effectively. His Flapless LASIK technique is the next generation of laser eye correction. For more information about our eye surgery procedures and general ophthalmology services, contact our office online or call (972) 235-5274 in Dallas or (972) 808-5261 in Richardson to speak to a member of our staff today. 


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Dr. Mazaheri did such an outstanding laser surgery on my eyes that I referred four other members of my family. We are all extremely happy with our results.

David S. Alkek, M.D.

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